We support importers and exporters’ contacts

Our company is one of the oldest in Poland to provide such services

Our story begins in 1947 when the Towarzystwo IMportowo-EXportowe (TIMEX) [Import-Export Association] was established. Since the very beginning, our main business activity was to provide help to foreign companies entering the Polish market.

Throughout the seven decades, Times S.A. has represented in Poland various foreign clients such as CIBA, CONTINENTAL, DUNLOP, ELCO, FORD, LIEBHERR, MANNESMANN, DEMAG, MERCEDES-BENZ, SALAMANDER or TIMKEN.MANNESMANN, DEMAG, MERCEDES-BENZ, SALAMANDER, czy TIMKEN.


Timex S.A. has 5 branches in POLAND

Our branches are located in Warsaw, Nowy Konik (near Warsaw), Poznań, Katowice and Gdańsk.


We also operate abroad: in the Baltic states and Ukraine

In 2004 we set up an office in Tallinn and a year later in Vilnius and Kiev.


  • 50% equity in UTA POLSKA Ltd with share capital of 200,000 PLN
  • 100% equity in TRS Ltd with share capital of 50,000 PLN
  • 100% equity in CARBONTIM with share capital of 5,000 PLN

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