Strong position

We are a stable company with a strong position on the market

Timex S.A. is a Polish capital group that sells goods and provides services in various branches of economy.

Established over 75 years ago, the company has 2500 active clients.

Our team

Just like in everything else, in business it is the people that are most important

Even the most reliable procedures do not guarantee achieving goals if there are no carefully selected, highly-qualified and experienced employees to realize them.

We owe our successes mostly to the hard work of a good team of experts in various fields who take on any challenge with full commitment.


Experience. We have a lot to be proud of

For 70 years, we have been doing and developing our business activities in various sectors of the market. The experience we have gained over the years is an invaluable capital that we effectively put to use realizing new projects.

Business. We know how to do it

Business is our natural environment. We have a thorough understanding of the markets which we invest in, which allows us to act effectively and achieve success.

Scale. We do business globally

We operate internationally – we are involved in developing foreign companies doing business in Poland and support the expansion of domestic companies abroad.


We are a trading company which additionally provides agency services to foreign clients. We also deal with financial transactions to maximize the usage of the financial resources at our disposal.